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The Ch’ich’iyúy hybrid homeownership model offers:

  • Housing peace of mind
  • Below-market flexible downpayments
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Long-term savings (equity) building

The model is designed for ongoing affordability with monthly housing costs capped based on a resident’s gross monthly income.



Ch’ich’iyúy is prioritizing Urban Indigenous Peoples

Qualified buyers must:

  • Fall within the minimum and maximum income range for desired suite format (Studio, loft, 1, or 2- Bedroom)
  • Obtain financing through a qualified lender (bank, credit union etc.)
  • Provide the minimum down payment at time of signing and meet a flexible payment schedule by move-in date
  • Agree to all property terms as outlined during signing meeting

You do not have to be Indigenous to purchase a unit; however, priority will be given to Indigenous buyers. 


Monthly costs

An innovative hybrid homeownership model was designed for affordability with monthly housing costs based on resident’s gross monthly income.

  • Buyers own 30% or 50% of their home
  • Aboriginal Land Trust owns the balance of the home which is leased to the owner

An owner’s monthly housing costs include:

  • Monthly lease payment to the Aboriginal Land Trust
  • A mortgage payment to the owner’s lender

Total monthly costs would not exceed 30% of buyer's gross household income at time of purchase.

 30 Percent50 Percent